I use Brown Bag Botanicals signature spa products that I personally developed.  All of my products are vegan, organic and petrochemical free.  I have very carefully selected my oils and raw materials from indigenous sources to deliver you a tactile and sensory experience that is truly unsurpassed.  My entire selection of scrubs, masks, serums, and butters are available only on location with select retailers carrying my flagship shea butters and sugar scrubs.

Prenatal Massage
60/90 mins  $90/$130

Your pregnant body is beautiful and magical. Take time to connect with your body and nurture the love affair you have with your unborn child. It's known that massage greatly benefits your transition through pregnancy, labor and postpartum, both physically and emotionally. Proper positioning and contraindications are respected to ensure the safety and ultimate comfort of mother and child.

Therapeutic Massage
60/90 mins $90/$130

Each bodywork session is customized to meet the therapeutic needs of the client and may incorporate a variety of stretches, deep tissue techniques, joint mobilization and other modalities necessary to achieve optimal results, particularly following surgery, accident trauma, chronic injury or illness.

  1. You can't get a pregnancy massage in your first trimester.

    FALSE.  There are plenty of practitioners who advertise pregnancy massage for only the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. This is a red flag that the therapist has not been properly trained in advanced perinatal massage modalities. It's simply a case of "you don't know what you don't know".  When it comes to the safety of you and your baby, you need a therapist that knows exactly what they're doing.

  2. You can't get a deep tissue massage during pregnancy. FALSE.  It's absolutely appropriate and often necessary in many cases to have deep tissue work done during your pregnancy, with the exception of your legs. Deep tissue work on your feet &/or legs can cause varicose veins or pass a blood clot. 

  3. "Prego" tables are perfect for pregnancy massage.

    FALSE.  The safest positioning for pregnancy massage is semi-reclining (laying on your back, propped up at least 33-degree incline) and side-lying supported by bolsters &/or pillows.  Tables with the belly cutouts are unsafe as they place too much strain on your uterine ligaments as well as your low back, in addition to other risks.















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